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If sexual intercourse (SI) took place two days before ovulation and fertilization successfully occurred – most likely you will have a girl. The fact is that spermatozoa bearing the male Y chromosome in most cases do not survive the two days to ovulation. All because they are:

  • less tenacious (up to 24–36 hours);
  • although more active and mobile, they get to the egg faster.

In the article, we will talk about whether it is possible to become pregnant two days before ovulation and what is the probability of success. And also, what are the best ways to plan for a girl?

Chances to conceive 2 days before ovulation

Fertilization can occur only after the ovum leaves the follicle (ovulation). Even if sexual congress happened before this moment, sperm can live up to three days, less often up to seven. Therefore, the expression: «get pregnant for … days before ovulation» does not mean the date of conception itself, but the date of intimacy.

During the planning of a child, it was very important for me to find out when it is better to make love to get the maximum chance of pregnancy. And for this, it was necessary to find out the probability of fertilization if SI occurred on different days before and after ovulation. And here’s what I found: 23.7% of all pregnancies happened after intimacy occured 2 days before the release of the egg (ovulation). logoConception statistics(!): Almost every fourth expectant mother became pregnant after SI two days before ovulation. But for fertilization itself, even perfectly healthy couples can take a year. WHO gives as much as 12 months to women under 35 and 6 months – 35+ for conception in a natural way, without examination by a doctor.

How to get pregnant without determining ovulation?

When I tried to conceive, my gynecologist recommended: logoIf all is well with ovulation, tubes and sperm – you can get pregnant without determining ovulation day. You need regular intimacy every 2-3 days throughout the cycle, except for periods. This is done to ensure that live sperm remains daily in the uterus and tubes.

The average life expectancy of sperm cells is three days (by the end of this period there are more cells that contain the X chromosome, which is responsible for the female sex).

And if you adhere to the recommended time interval, then you will surely fall into one of the following days:

  • intimacy 2 days before ovulation starts accounts for 23.7% of all pregnancies;
  • the day before ovulation – 25.5%;
  • egg release day – 21.2%;
  • the day after it – 10.30%.

For complete information on the probability of becoming pregnant on different days before and after ovulation, read this article.

When to repeat sex to increase your chances of conception?

An open sexual intercourse 2-4 days before ovulation – it will be a girl, on the day of ovulation - most likely it will be a boyIf you do not care what gender the child will be, repeat intimacy after 1 day, that is, on the day of ovulation, and then, the day after it. Thus, the chances of a successful conception are increased (23,7+21,2+10,3 – after SI, 55% of all pregnancies occur on the indicated days).

If you want a girl, then you should not make love in the next five days. In the case of planning for a boy, follow the upper recommendations.

Why is daily intimacy not recommended?

If a man loses a portion of sperm every day, the total fertilizing ability of the remaining sperm is reduced several times.

In addition, the level of excitement may be less, and then the number of active spermatozoa will be smaller.

That is why it is recommended to refrain from ejaculation for 3-4 days before a spermogram. By this period, the number of active sperm is maximum.

How to plan for a girl?

Dates of SI concerning the day of ovulation is a proven method for planning the sex of a child. Your task is to have sexual contact 2-4 days before the release of the egg. After that, that is, in a day, on the day and the day after ovulation – practice sex with contraception.

There are three proven ways to find a favorable period for intimacy logoFolliculometry is an expensive, but the most reliable way to determine the best period for conception of a girl. After the end of menstruation, every two days the ultrasonographer examines the condition of the follicles (at least three visits are required), they grow approximately 2 mm daily. The doctor will establish:

  • what size the dominant follicle is;
  • how it has increased in two days and will determine your growth rate.

Based on this data, the doctor will say the estimated time period of ovulation – about two or three days before it. This is the best time to plan. In this article on folliculometry is discussed in more detail. logoTest system for ovulation, which determines the rise in LH + estrogen. It captures not only days of maximum fertility (maximum LH usually occurs 6–48 hours before ovulation), but also a period of high fertility (estrogen begins to grow earlier and reaches a certain level 3-4 days before oocyte output).

For example, the Clearblue Advanced Digital electronic test will display a blinking emoticon in a favorable period for the girl’s planning. I recommend active planning on days when the emoticon blinks.

Clearblue ADVANCED DIGITAL will show the best time for planning a girl.
Clearblue ADVANCED DIGITAL will show the best time for planning a girl.

Brief Instruction for the test-system:

  1. Open the packaging and insert the test cassette into the reusable unit until it clicks (in the direction of the arrows toward each other).
  2. Wait until the test ready icon lights up.
  3. Immerse in urine for 15 seconds, or put under a stream for 3 seconds.
  4. Evaluate the result after 1–5 minutes. An empty circle is a negative test, a blinking emoticon means the best day for planning a girl, a smiley means to refrain from open contact. logoA test based on an image of dried saliva. For this calculation option, a test microscope is needed.

The testing method is as follows:

  • 1 hour after eating or drinking (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach) you need to place a little saliva onto the microscope lens or glass slide if it is a part of the test;
  • leave to dry for 30 minutes (without hairdryer or battery);
  • look through the eyepiece against the light.

Depending on the amount of estrogen in the biomaterial, drying will produce a different pattern. Grains or grains of sand are visible with a small amount of hormone, solid crystals in the form of a fern leaf at a high concentration (unfortunately you need a lot of practice to test it right).

The effect of fern. So, saliva crystallizes in different phases of the cycle. This method will help you plan your baby’s gender.
The effect of fern. So, saliva crystallizes in different phases of the cycle. This method will help you plan your baby’s gender.

There are many different images of dried saliva during a cycle. For one cycle, it is necessary to observe the pattern of dried saliva daily and remember that crystals will be there 3-4 days before ovulation (on this day there will be such signs). And in the next cycle, as soon as you notice the characteristic crystals – you can actively plan.

The method is described in more detail in this material.

What will definitely help you to get pregnant

You will be able to increase your chances of a successful conception many times if you do not strain yourself internally about planning. To give great importance to what is happening.

Permanent worries and obsession – this causes stress. It can inhibit the production of hormones and disrupt the functioning of all body systems. SI has taken place and the fertile period has passed – perhaps the already fertilized egg inside the fallopian tube is now moving toward its destination.

To help it get to the goal and implant, the egg resorts to the help and support of its body, each cell and system.

To reduce stress levels – repeat positive affirmations. Understand and believe that you will get pregnant in any case, and this will happen at the most opportune moment for you.

After making love two days before ovulation, you just need to become happy and positive. This is the best way to achieve the goal – to become a mother faster. And then you just have to calmly listen to your body in search of the first signs of pregnancy.

Good luck!

2 days before ovulation – determine gender (+Stat.!)