Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test (Advantages and Disadvantages!)

 The Clearblue digital ovulation test has a sensitivity of 40 mMU/ml and determines the rapid egg outcome with an accuracy of 99%. For testing, it is immersed in urine for 15 seconds, under the stream for 5-7 seconds. After about 3 minutes, a smiley (positive) or an empty circle (negative) will appear. Pros: a definite answer, reliable, quick results, modern. Cons: price, availability.

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of the Clearblue digital ovulation test (Clearblue / Clear blue digital) regarding the usual test strips. How to do the test correctly. And also, what must be taken into account when choosing this method of ovulation determining . 

Clearblue Electronic Ovulation Test – advantages and disadvantages 

If you have to determine ovulation for the first time, the Clearblue digital reusable test is the best solution for a beginner. Although in fact, only the body frame where the disposable module with the digital field is inserted is reusable. On this field is where the test result will be displayed. 

Advantages compared to usual test strips 

  • Believability. More than 99% of the results are accurate, which means the test will catch ovulation for sure and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy already in the first planning cycles. The sensitivity of Clearblue Digital is 40 mIU / ml, for standard tests – the sensitivity is 25-30 mIU / ml, so the second strip is poorly displayed even having a negative result; ClearBlue Ovulation Test Accuracy is 99% 
  • Ease of evaluating the result. This is its main advantage! There will be either a positive (smile) or a negative result (zero). No need to guess and evaluate the brightness of the strip and compare its dynamics in a few days. There is, of course, the probability of the third option – the test will not work or will give an error. But in a case of using it correctly (see the exact instructions below), this probability is excluded; 
  • Speed. After the contact of the test with urine, the result will appear on the screen after 3 minutes, and not 5 minutes as it is on usual test strips for ovulation; 
  • Workability. For those who keep up with the times it will be a pleasure to use this modern testing method. A cheerful smile face that appears with a positive result raises the mood and gives hope for an early pregnancy. 

Note (!): A modern, revised version of the ovulation test Clearblue Connected Digital also includes the ability to connect a mobile application with a reminder call, a convenient interface with a calendar visualization of the days of the cycle (high and maximum likelihood of becoming pregnant), as well as the ability to compare cycles. It tracks two hormones at once

Cons of the ovulation Test Clearblue digital 

Digital Clearblue compared to simpler tests: 

Expensive. A package for 20tests costs about $30.00. And digital with an application for 25 pieces – Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System – from $40.00. on Amazon. Simple test strips are cheaper, for 50 pieces – from $15.00, what is much more profitable, especially if the cycle is irregular and requires many days of testing; 

Less affordable. It is not sold in every pharmacy, especially smaller towns. And the more modern, improved Clearblue with a mobile application is even more difficult to get. 

Stringent conditions for proper testing 

So that the tests do not give a false positive or false negative result due to the quality of the biomaterial (urine), it is necessary: 

  • To test from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Luteinizing hormone (LH), which initiates ovulation, is produced precisely at this time. And although the instructions for Clearblue says that the material can be taken for analysis at any time, you should still adhere to temporary recommendations; 
  • Do tests at the same time. In order to get an accurate picture of the amount of the hormone LH; 
  • Preliminary do not urinate for 2-4 hours – to maintain a sufficient concentration of LH; 
  • Do not drink 4 hours before the test – so as not to dilute the hormone in the urine; 
  • Do not take hormonal drugs. They affect the test result; 
  • Do not store the urine. 

Clearblue ovulation test – instructions for use 

In the package: body frame is also a digital device, several packaged disposable cartridges or test strips and instructions. 

Step No 1 

Unpack the test module, remove the cap from it and insert until it clicks into the body frame, so the two arrows converge. A symbol will appear on the device screen showing the test is ready to use. 

ClearBlue Ovulation Test Preparation 
ClearBlue Ovulation Test Preparation

Step No 2 

Dip the absorbent layer into the urine for 15 seconds. or for 5-7 seconds. under a stream of urine, and then put the test system horizontally or vertically, but with the absorbent layer down (it is important!) 

Attention! You need to make sure that the body frame is not wet – this can ruin the device.

ClearBlue test can be dipped in a container with urine or put under the stream

Step No 3 

After 3 minutes, you can evaluate the result. An empty circle is a negative test. If the electronic ovulation test showed an emoticon, it means that a mature egg would be released during the next two days.

ClearBlue ovulation test is positive and the result is negative 
ClearBlue ovulation test (positive + and negative -)

Note (!): There are test system options that show not only a peak, but also simply a high concentration of the hormone – in this case, a blinking smile may appear about 3-4 days before ovulation. 

Step No 4 

Pull out the test module by pressing the button in the center and discard, and leave the digital device until the next use. 

If the test gave a positive result, it means that you can begin active planning (next 6-36 hours the egg would be released). 

The next day, you can do a second test and, if the result is negative, repeat the SC on the same day. If the test is positive again, repeat intimacy the next day and every other day. 

The used positive cassette looks like this: 

Test cassette after using of the electronic test for ovulation - a positive result 
Test cassette after using of the electronic test for ovulation – a positive result

Other ovulation tests with instructions and a photo of a positive result can be seen in this article on this site. 

To summarize: the digital ovulation test is a very convenient, reliable and easy to use tool. If financial opportunities allow you, then you cannot find a better solution.

With this test, it will be easy to determine the fertile period and thus you will get the maximum chance of a quicker pregnancy! 

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test (Advantages and Disadvantages!)