Chances of getting pregnant on various days before and after ovulation. 

When is the best time for couples to make love? Is SI (sexual intercourse) effective on the day or the day after ovulation, or 2-3 days before it? What are the chances of getting pregnant if the intimacy took place after ovulation? We will talk about this in detail in our article. 

About 25% of all pregnancies begin after intimacy occuring the day before ovulation. Impregnation after SI on the day the egg was released occurs in 21% of pregnant women and in 10% after open contact on the next day after ovulation. 

Impregnation occurs on the day of ovulation or the day after it 

A mature egg that leaves the follicle has only 24 hours to fertilize (ovulate). 

So – if more than two days have passed since ovulation – the chances of getting pregnant are extremely small. The male sperm, in turn, lives for about 3-5 days (no more than 7), which means it is quite capable of waiting for the egg in the fallopian tubes 

Hence the following probability of successful impregnation:

Table - the probability of becoming pregnant on various days before and after ovulation
Table – the probability of becoming pregnant on various days before and after ovulation

From the presented table it follows that it will be most effective if SI takes place the day before ovulation – the probability of pregnancy in this case is 25.50%.

Even better, if SI occurs twice – two days before and on the day of ovulation. In the five-day period when the percentage of successful impregnation is the largest, I recommend three-time planning. 

Important (!): Why not a daily SI? The fact is that for maximum sperm activity, a man needs a break of 2-3 days, and daily ejaculation affects generally negatively on the sperm quality. 

Planning a child’s gender on SI day before ovulation and after 

To conceive a girl, it is necessary that open contact take place 2 or 3 days before ovulation. Next, you need to use contraceptives. 

To conceive a boy – active planning should take place on ovulation or the day after it, and until that moment with protection. 

An important point for the birth of a child of a certain gender is the accuracy of calculating the date of ovulation. Read an article about the most convenient ways to determine ovulation (on and choose the best one for yourself. 

Sex on ovulation day, before and after (+ Percentage of conceiving!)