The 5th day after ovulation. What happens to a fertilized egg. Signs and feelings after conceiving.

In the article we will tell you what feelings and symptoms occur on the fifth day after ovulation. What happens to the embryo during this period. What is the normal basal body temperature and if it is possible to understand according to the pain in breast or abdomen that there was still fertilization in this cycle.

On the 5th DPO, the fertilized egg is already in the uterus and continues its development, waiting for implantation. Exactly at this period the uterine endometrium forms the finger-shaped processes (monopodia), due to which the embryo can be fixed. Mom’s body does not yet know that conceivment has occurred and there are no signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy – what happens to the embryo on the 5th DPO?

If the conceivment was successful, then the fertilized egg turns into a blastocyst to the 5th DPO. 

A blastocyst is a hollow ball with two types of cells – trophoblast and cell mass. Trophoblast will become a placenta in future, and a baby will be developed from the embryoblast.The 5th day past ovulation (DPO) if there was conceivement! logoInteresting to know(!): The larger the cavity and the development of the both types of cells, the greater the chances of the gestational sac for successfull attach. The size and development of five-day-old embryos is one of the important criteria for choosing the best “candidates” for transfer with IVF and ICSI.

The blastocyst size for this period is approximately 0.13-0.2 mm, and it releases active substances that muffles the natural protective functions of the female body. So it will be easier for her to implant.

How clever everything is arranged!

On the 5-7th day past ovulation, the level of progesterone reaches its maximum. As a result of its action, the smooth muscles of the uterus relax and its contractility decreases. It will be more difficult to reject the embryo.

The inner uterine layer, the endometrium, forms a type of fingers, tentacles (pinopods or pinopodia).

Pinopodia in the uterus are saved up to 48 hours - at this time implantation occures
Pinopodia in the uterus are saved up to 48 hours – at this time implantation occures

The uterus decreases, contracting as if inward – so the distance between the fertilized egg and epithelium naturally decreases. Before implantation, there will remain 1-2 days for the blastocyst to complete its development.

Every woman has her own implantation window, that is, the time when the finger-shaped processes are formed and the endometrium is ready to accept the embryo. Therefore, the time of attachment and the onset of pregnancy may vary by several days. Most often, the embryo finally grows into the endometrium of a woman on the 7-10th DPO, however, there are cases of earlier and later implantation.

The best thing you can do while waiting is to relax, be calm, pleased and happy!

Finger-shaped processes of the uterus - with their help it is easier for the embryo to fix. Pinopods appear only for 2 days to assist in implantation.
Finger-shaped processes of the uterus – with their help it is easier for the embryo to fix. Pinopods appear only for 2 days to assist in implantation.

Signs and feelings on the fifth DPO

If the attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus has not happened yet, a woman will experience her usual feelings, which are usual for the second phase. This is breast fullness, nipple sensitivity, possibly fluid retention in the body (weight gain), body temperature about 37 °C or 98.60 °F and other signs.

The normal basal body temperature on the 5 DPO is approximately 0.3-0.5 °C (0.54–0.9 °F) higher than the average temperatures that were before ovulation. Let us assume it is BT 36.4 °C (97.52 °F) in the first phase, and in the second 36.7-36.9 °C (98.06-98.42 °F). This is a good difference and that means there is progesterone.

In a case of early implantation on the fifth day, it is possible for an instant reaction of the body for HCG secreted by trophoblast, then the first symptoms of pregnancy can appear.

Here are the main symptoms:

  1. An increase of the body temperature and BBT for 0.1–0.2 °C (0.18-0.36 °F) compared with the usual temperature of the second phase (third phase on BBT chart) . It is also possible for a drop in the basal body temperature during implantation on the fifth day; BT implantation dip on the 5th DPO (and the next day was restored)
  2. An increase of the breast volume;
  3. Implantation bleeding;
  4. Pain in the lower abdomen, tingling. According to the reviews of many women, during the pregnancy cycle they felt increased pain immediately after the egg was released from the follicle (ovulation) and a slight increase in the next 5-6th days. This is a likely period of early implantation;
  5. Often, at this moment a woman becomes ill with a cold, since her immunity is reduced so that the embryo is easier to implant;
  6. Absolutely unexpected manifestations are possible, such as nausea or trembling in the hands. All this is absolutely normal and does not require attention and detailed research.

For a long list of symptoms and signs of early pregnancy before having a missed period, read this article. logoIt is important (!): It is incredibly difficult not to focus on the desired pregnancy and calmly wait another 7–9 days when you can do the test. Worries: «What if it doesn’t work out again?», Of course, it will, nothing can be done about it. Try to change the wording a little. Saying phrases in a positive way – this will calm at heart and add confidence in success.

At first it will seem ridiculous, but over time you will get used to it and begin to perceive affirmation as reality. “I have an excellent level of progesterone!”, “I am perfectly ready for conceiving and pregnancy!”, “I am confident and lucky!”, “I can easily achieve the goal!”.

I have described the main possible signs of a successful conceiving on the 5th DPO, as well as the development and condition of the embryo during this period. Remember, we can help ourselves better than any doctors!

Pregnancy starts exactly in the head – fill it with positive and the future baby will not be long in coming!

5th day past ovulation (DPO) if there was conceivement!